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Food Photography 

Picture says a thousand words. If you want to stand out from the crowd, investing into quality photographs to promote your products or services online is only a small investment.

People are visual creatures. We eat with our eyes first and then with our senses and if we don’t like what we are seeing, we are not buying. Simple! In 2023 professional images are part of every quality brand.

I am here to help you with high quality visual content whether that is for your website, socials or in printed collateral and press for publicity.

Whether you need just photography or styling or both- I combine both styling and photography for desired look and visuals.

Are you an Australian food and wine brand, grower or own a boutique grocer/food delivery service? I would like to work with you to help you with beautiful imagery of your products/dishes.

Food Styling

Making food look delicious on photos is not just placing the food on the table and snapping away….it involves understanding the combination of food composition, light and colour theory. Professional brand photo shoots often involve a stylist- someone who can guide and work around the set making sure food is always well presented.

Happy to provide guidance and my expertise setting up appealing food scenes or advise you how to make a hero out of your product or a dish.

Recipe Development & Photography

For producers and growers it’s important to see examples of their produce used in fresh and delicious recipes and here’s where I can help you to put together a recipe to show off your fantastic produce, take process shots and provide you with photos of the final dish you can promote on your socials, in blog or in printed collateral. Need some styled photography of your products in kitchen setting? I love creating beautiful imagery featuring fresh produce.

Restaurant/Bar Photography

With social media having changed the way we choose our next meal, great looking social feed  is your ticket to a booked out venue.

When I go to dine out, I always check out the venue on Instagram and when I see amazing looking photos, I am sold. When photos look average, I lose my interest straight away. To me reviews have to match what is being served on the plate and the plate has to look as good on the picture as it does on the menu.

Whether you need regular content for socials or new imagery for your website or a seasonal menu, I would love to work with your venue to bring your beautiful dishes to life.

Product Photography

If you have a product based business, people want to see images of your product before they buy it. I can help you create vibrant images that make your product stand out.

Want your food or produce do the talking? Contact me now.

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