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Food Photography & Styling

Picture says a thousand words. If you want to stand out from the crowd, investing into quality photographs to promote your products or services online is only a small investment. Us humans, we are visual creatures. We eat with our eyes first and then with our senses and if we don’t like what we are seeing, we are not buying. Simple! Quality images are part of a brand.

Let me help you create high quality visual content you can use to revamp your website, use on your socials or to use in printed collateral and press for publicity.

I can provide images or combine both styling and images for desired outcome.

Whether you are a cafe or a restaurant owner, food blogger and a chef, cake maker or a recipe developer, food producer, wine maker or a grower, I look forward to working with you.

Recipe Development

For producers and growers it’s important to see examples of their produce used in fresh and tasty recipes and here’s where I can help you to put together a recipe to show off your fantastic produce, take process shots and provide you with photos of the final dish you can promote on your socials, blog and printed collateral.

Social Media Management

Social Media platforms are equally as important when it comes to showing up online as having a website. You can say majority of people nowadays pop over to your Instagram page before they visit you. They are intrigued to see what you are dishing up in your venue or what your products look like. Or just to get a genuine look and vibe of your business. There is no point investing into expensive paid promotions if your feed does not look the part. Remember, people want to eat food that looks delicious and let’s be honest, not every dish looks appealing.

Posting on socials can be time consuming and you can totally lose track of time when scrolling through your competitors feeds for inspiration. Planning your content ahead, researching for hashtags, replying to your followers’ comments and direct messages and not to mention, producing all of the visual content – it all can take hours of your valuable time that you can sepnd on running your business.

I offer monthly packages where you can look after your socials and provide you with fresh monthly visual content.

Want to know, how I can help you nail that perfect feed, contact me now.