1. What are my rates? 

I have a price guide which I am happy to share but in general all projects are different and the cost really comes down to the complexity of the project and the time that goes into it from start to finish inclusive of pre-shoot planning to post shoot editing so I quote each job separately. For a quote, please send a short brief of your project i.e what is the scope of the project, what are the deliverables, how soon you need the shoot, is styling required or are you planning to engage a stylist. Once I receive the information, I can give you more information on pricing. 

2. How soon can you provide the images? 

My turnaround time for images is usually 2 weeks from the shoot, although depending on my workload, this time may occasionally be shorter. 

3. Do you have an access to studio? 

I produce most of my work from my home studio but I am also available for on-location shoots or for shooting in hospitality venues. 

4. Why do I need to sign a contract? 

Unlikely to a wedding photographer or a lifestyle photographer, working with a commercial photographer requires all clients, big or small, sign an official agreement protecting both parties. If you have any questions or you are unsure about anything, feel free to ask questions.

5. Why do I need to pay for licensing? 

I usually include 3 year licencing for photos to be used by the client as specified in the agreement i.e on web and print. Unless you have paid for full copyright and ownership of the images, all photos taken by a photographer are the intellectual property of that photographer. You will have a right to use the images as per the agreement. Photographer is allowed to use the images as part of their portfolio. Additional fees apply to any images used for billboard or posters displayed in a public area i.e on the wall of a building and on any packaging etc. 

6. Payment terms 

I require 50% deposit to confirm the booking and the remaining 50% of my fee prior to releasing the gallery for full download. 

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